18 Sep 2013

Cosy Minimalism

Remember when I told you about how we were painting and wallpapering the bedroom (see here)? Only a few months on and it's pretty much finished now. After the wallpaper was on and the paint was dry, we positioned the bed so that the busy wallpaper would be on the head end of the bed. This way we'll never wake up and feel totally overwhelmed by the pattern; I like it quite calm and peaceful in the bedroom. Next in were the Kartell cabinets which we decided were a cool alternative to classic bedside tables. They are great for storage but once you close the doors, the messiness behind is hidden away instantly. We continued by adding some lovely white sheets, cushions, a blankie and even threw in a little fake fur to turn the bed into a cosy little "island". But one of the coolest items, which was added only a couple of days ago, are the antlers on the side. Originally they were designed to serve as coat hook but I think they are so stylish, you really don't want to cover them up at all. So now they are our bedroom art. I am really happy with how it turned out in the end!!