19 Sep 2013

Jumper O'Clock

1 Poppy // 2 Grey on Grey // 3 Navy Emerald // 4 Pink Shoulder (my favourite!!) // 5 Leopard // 6 Colour Block
Now that it's getting a little bit colder again, I've not only been looking into winter coats and booties but also jumpers. Because I usually tend to buy black, deep burgundy or grey during the Autumn and Winter months, I have tried to expand my colour range and look into corals, navies and pinks and if I did look at grey it had to have a twist (such as a leopard print or colour block). Boden have an amazing range of cottong and cashmere jumpers and above are my top 6 with the pink shouldered one being my absolute favourite. Lucky pay day is only about a week away. Yay!

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