2 Sep 2013

Life Lessons

August has been a month with lots of ups and downs. There have been too many unhappy moments: I had to have surgery, my brother had a motorbike accident and my favourite grandmother died. It certainly hasn't been a great August this year and in a way I am very glad that it is over now and I can start into September all fresh. However, despite all of the sadness and terrors, there have also been great moments. My two best friends from uni came to visit me in London and I have just recently been promoted at work to a position which is much more challenging and promising for the future. 
The death of my grandmother made me rethink a lot of what I am doing now; she was one of the most inspirational women in my life. I admired the way she continuously travelled the world after her retirement, the way she had children and a working career (not the most common thing within her generation), how she always tried (and mostly succeeded)  to stay in touch with modernity, never wore "nan-shoes", never looked a mess and always made me think positively (as well as preaching the importance of moisturiser). We always giggled at how she was closely watching the stock exchange on TV every day after lunch but admired her for the know-how and talent she had with her investments, almost like a proper tough-guy New York City broker. Almost immediately after her funeral I started to feel like I hadn't achieved enough since finishing uni last year and that I desperately wanted to change something for her sake since she was my second biggest sponsor at uni. And then it suddenly all fell into place naturally, almost like she was looking out for me. In retrospect I wish I would have called and visited her more often but sadly it is too late now. She will always be in my heart and will never fail to inspire me! I am thankful I had such a wonderful role model in my life! I already miss her very much!

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