28 Oct 2013

Autumn Uniform

Jacket - Snood - Jumper - Denims - Brogues

I haven't been around on the blog in ages, and thought that after these couple of weeks of radio silence, I'd share an outfit post to make things a little more interesting. What you can see above is basically my Autumn uniform and although I am clearly not wearing the entire outfit every day, one of the pieces is sure to make an appearance almost every day. The black patent leather Clarks Brogues are the latest addition to my wardrobe and they are the perfect A/W shoe. They go with literally every outfit - jeans, girly dresses and chic pencil skirts - and any occasion. On top of that, this particular model has a soft little cushion just under the ball of the foot which makes it super comfortable and easy to walk on for ages!! I am a huge fan!


  1. I'm in love with your shoes!

    1. Thank you! I am pretty smitten, too!! :)

  2. You look lovely :) Keep those outfit posts coming! Especially with yourself as a model, much easier to relate to as collages I think. :*