29 Nov 2013

Weekly Instagram

Baking cinnamon stars (recipe here) - Sunday sofa selfie -  reminiscing about the summer holidays - arm candy - throwback Thursday: Budapest 2012 - cheers to the weekend - autumn captured - Sunday apple and cinnamon pancakes (recipe to follow) - Monday morning sunrise - Oxford Street Christmas lights - Selfridges Destination Christmas - final treasures of the Christmas Comes Early shopping frenzy at Selfridges

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28 Nov 2013

Christmas Baking

I love Martha Stewart's Pinterest! It never gets boring and you can literally find a new inspiring DIY every single day. Since Christmas is just around the corner now, I am getting very excited about holiday decorations, food and baking. On the Martha Stewart Living Christmas board there are so many really easily executed ideas that will make your Christmas all the more fun and that instantly transform a "boring" selection of cookies and cakes into very special creations. Above are my absolute favourites and I do hope I'll have some time to try out the Gingerbread Linzertorte and the wreath biscuits. All photos and links to recipes can be found here.

26 Nov 2013

Christmas Party Glam

Glitter Strappy Dress// 2 Print Structured Dress // 3 Sequin Mesh Dress // 4 Lace Dress
It is that time again when one party is followed by the next and because everyone is in that wonderful Christmas mood, dressing up kind of becomes a great necessity. I love that sparkly, lacy and brocade dresses are all over the shops around this time in November / December and my wishlist grows continuously every day. Currently my 2 absolute favourite dresses are the Whistles structured dress above (on sale right now) and the French Connection dress below on the left. However, a great sequin dress like the Mango one below has always intrigued me, too. Pay day is only a few days away now and I might just find myself splurging on a pretty Christmas frock!

1 Ribbon Dress // 2 Brocade Dress // 3 Sequin Dress // 4 Lace Dress

25 Nov 2013


Every year, my parents, my brothers and I travel to my grandparents' house to celebrate Christmas. Even now that I am living in London with Joe it is still the most important thing in the world that I get to be with my family over the holidays. There are so many wonderful traditions we have been celebrating for the past decades which I would never want to miss. One of the things I have always looked forward to was the selection of 15 or so different Christmas cookies my Nan used to make every year (tons of each one). They were delicious, looked perfect and no one was ever able to stop nibbling them. Unfortunately my Nan passed away this August and it is now up to us to keep up this tradition. I have decided to edit a little baking book in memory of my Nan, including all her favourite recipes and I will be sharing them on the blog, too. I'm starting with one of my personal favourites: Cinnamon Stars.

Ingredients: 3 egg whites - 300 g icing sugar - 400 g ground almonds - 1 ½ tsp. cinnamon

Start beating the egg whites until they just turn white and gradually beat in the icing sugar until you have a creamy, shiny mixture. Take away half a cup, cover with cling film and put it in the fridge. Now stir the ground almonds into the egg and sugar mixture until well combined. Cover with cling film and place in the fridge for 2-3 hours. Once the time is up, cover an area of your kitchen surface with some plain flour, take the dough back out of the fridge and start kneading it on the floured surface. With a rolling pin, roll out the dough until it is about 6-8 mm thick, if it is too sticky use some more flour. Take a star shaped cookie cutter and start cutting stars out of the dough. Place them on a baking tray and bake in the oven at 130°C for 20 minutes. Once the 20 mins are over, cover the cookies with the remaining egg-sugar mixture (which you had placed in the fridge earlier) using a brush and place in the oven for another 10 minutes. Done! TIP: If you want to store the cookies in a tin, add a few pieces of sourdough bread or a few slices of apple to keep the cinnamon stars from drying out!

22 Nov 2013


1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12

I am obsessed with ballet flats. They are my go to shoe for anything, regardless of the occasion. They go with dresses, skirts, trousers, jeans; smart, casual, business, smart-casual, sporty and they are COMFORTABLE. Although I do acknowledge the value of a great heel (these classic Louboutin black leather ones are constantly on my wish list), only about 5% of my shoe cupboard is made up of heels and they hardly ever get worn. Regarding ballet flats, I usually have a wishlist rotation of about 10 different pairs and every now and then I splurge on one. I know that there are thousands of ballet flats for £5-£20 out there, but I have found that spending a little more is definitely worth it if you wear the shoes as often as I do. Currently I have my eye on the French Sole slippers as seen in # 3 - a more masculine take on the ballet flat.

21 Nov 2013

Holiday Nail Art

Nail Art found on Pinterest
As you all know I am a fan of nail polish and I love trying out nail art (more or less successfully). As Christmas is approaching fast, I have been looking for new ideas and found quite a few on Pinterest. All of the above have been pinned onto my Nail Art board and although the top left and bottom right seem a little too advanced, the other 4 seem very manageable. Should I succeed with one of them, I will most certainly share pictures on the blog with all of you!

20 Nov 2013

Christmas Decorations

Last weekend in Selfridges, Joe and I discovered this cute little nativity scene by Alessi and although it is almost a little silly, I think it's totally loveable and cute. At my parents' house we usually have a very old fashioned, wooden nativity scene set up each year in December with the 3 wise men being added in early January but I cannot see a rustic like that one in our house as it would look totally misplaced. However, this Alessi set is modern enough to fit right in and it still communicates the message of Christmas. 

18 Nov 2013

Visibly Clear

The other week I read about the new Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pore&Shine in Stylist's best beauty buys and was intrigued. Although the skin around my nose and forehead are a little bit dry after I wash my face in the mornings and evenings, it always gets quite shiny during the day. I have tried scrubs, different wash gels and moisturizers, however, I have never really been able to tackle the problem. I have used the Pore&Shine Scrub for a whole week now and already the usual shine on my forehead and around my nose has decreased. In addition to that, the scrub has a great scent that leaves me feeling very refreshed. I can truly recommend this product for anyone who has similar problems and I have already decided to get the daily wash as well and hopefully get rid of my problem once and for all.

15 Nov 2013

Weekly Instagram

Totally 70s inspired ski-suit - Cool new chair from the 50s - Looking into the perfect Xmas eve polish - Chilling - Loving this look by Kathrin from Nie Wunschfrei - Very surprised to see a branch of Kamps on Tottenham Court Road - Testing Essie Fall 2013 - Donated a winter coat to Hands On London - Throwback Thursday: Budapest Xmas Market 2012

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14 Nov 2013

Essie Fall 2013 Collection

The Lace Is On  - Vested Interest - For the Twill of It - Cashmere Bathrobe
As you all know, I am a huge fan of Essie nail polishes and not only am I sort of collecting the standard range (don't tell Joe, he thinks I have enough already), I always get really, really excited when they launch new seasonal collections. Although those specials don't always wow me (often they just look like dupes of other shades), I am totally smitten with this year's fall collection (and to be quite honest, the winter collection looks very promising, too). Cashmere Bathrobe, For the Twill of It and Vested Interested caught my attention the most because After School Boy Blazer and Twin Sweater Set seem to look a bit like Bobbing for Baubles and A-List which I have already. To avoid spending £8 each on the individual polishes, I got the Fall Mini Collection, including all my favourites plus one extra.

12 Nov 2013

A Day in Cambridge

Every now and then Joe and I decide to go for a little day trip somewhere within a 2 hour radius of London; Brighton Oxford, Cambridge, Windsor and Lymington are only a stone throw away and not too expensive to get to. A few weekends ago we picked Cambridge for a day. We left around noon, and while on the train we were looking for a tour to go on while there. Although initially we considered going on a guided one, we decided to wing it and just walk around ourselves with the help of this and this tour. Cambridge is a really sweet little city and luckily the sun was shining all day. We finished our trip with a Sunday roast at the Clarendon Arms which was delicious.

11 Nov 2013

Winter is coming...

Source: Pinterest
Winter is well on its way and I shifted my wardrobe from summery dresses and shorts to thick wool jumpers and tights a couple of weeks ago. Although I still haven't decided if I should buy a new winter coat this season, I have been incredibly successful at buying appropriate shoes (which was a huge disaster last year as I just couldn't find any that I liked). Not only have I treated myself to a cool pair of black ankle boots (here), I have also bought a really pretty pair of black patent leather brogues (as seen here). Although I usually stick with black, burgundy and grey for Autumn / Winter, I have decided to jazz it up a little bit this year by adding interesting accessories and details every now and then: a coloured lip, a floppy hat, polka dots, a wool hat with bobble or just a stylish handbag. Above are my favourite looks which can all be found on my Pinterest STYLE board.

8 Nov 2013

Christmas Jumpers

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9
Who doesn't love a Christmas jumper, right? You can easily spend your entire Xmas holiday in it without having to justify the lack of change of clothes, they are super comfy due to usually very cosy materials and loose fit and they look fun. Above are 9 top candidates for my December shopping list, I'm favouring # 5.

7 Nov 2013

Day at the Museum

Victoria & Albert Museum: Source
When I first came to London I had a lot of free time on my hands and not a lot of money to spend on leisure activities. I started looking for free alternatives and discovered that museums in England are mostly free to visit. In Germany, entrance prices usually range between 5€ - 15€ and unless you are really interested, you think twice about spending this much money on a ticket. In London, you'll find some of the world's most renowned museums (amongst others the National Portrait Gallery, National Gallery and the Tate Modern, included in my London tour guide here) holding some of the world's most famous master pieces. If you happen to be around Knightsbridge (where Harrods is), you'll find yourself only a short 5 minute walk away from a little "island" of very interesting museums. Immediately next to one another you will find the V&A, which is all about fashion, style and design, the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum. There is something for every taste here and you'd be a fool not to visit at least one of them during your stay. I know that a lot of people find museums etc boring and can't be bothered with them during their precious holidays, however, I find it absolutely imperative to take advantage of a free cultural activity like this as it is a total privilege to see what these museums have on show!

Natural History Museum: Source
Science Museum: Source

6 Nov 2013

Sunnyside Up

It may have been become Autumn and quite cold and grey outside, however, who says this means we can no longer enjoy a bit of sunshine? I saw this super cute egg mould in Stylist magazine this morning and just love the idea of making my Sunday morning egg look like a sun rising from behind a cloud. If this doesn't brighten a grey weekend morning then I don't know what does!

5 Nov 2013

Winter Wonderland

Although I am not a huge fan of going into town any more after November 1st, it cannot be avoided sometimes. Now that J is working at Selfridges, he is very excited about his staff discount and so we browsed the men's department for ages on Sunday. Personally I was more excited about the beautiful Christmas decorations and the Christmas Emporium on the 4th floor though. I love that the big department stores always make such an effort with their Christmas displays. If you do come to London this year before New Year's, make sure to visit Selfridges and Liberty for some Christmas sparkle and glamour!

4 Nov 2013

November Desktop Calendars

November Calendar from Love Mae
If you like your computer desktop to be decorated with an up to date calendar every month, I recommend checking out these 5 lovely blogs (amongst many others) linked below each photo for some great monthly art work. It's the first thing I do at the beginning of every month, check my Bloglovin to see if any new desktop calendars have been published. Wouldn't want to do without it any more! My favourite this month is the one just below from Ruche.
November Calendar from Ruche

November Calendar from Gennine's Art Blog
November Calendar from Nicole's Classes

November Calendar from Oana Befort

1 Nov 2013

Dare to Wallpaper

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5
I've always found that wallpaper instantly ups the ante of any room. A bright, modern or eye catching pattern can transform even the most boring room into something very special. And it doesn't only work in big, stately homes, even small rooms will come to life with a mini feature wall. Don't overdo it though! Joe and I have decided to go with wallpaper in our living room and our bedroom but that's it and we will not be doing any more feature walls to avoid an overkill. The above examples show the different effects wallpaper perfectly and illustrate how much more interesting spaces and corners become with a touch of print.