7 Nov 2013

Day at the Museum

Victoria & Albert Museum: Source
When I first came to London I had a lot of free time on my hands and not a lot of money to spend on leisure activities. I started looking for free alternatives and discovered that museums in England are mostly free to visit. In Germany, entrance prices usually range between 5€ - 15€ and unless you are really interested, you think twice about spending this much money on a ticket. In London, you'll find some of the world's most renowned museums (amongst others the National Portrait Gallery, National Gallery and the Tate Modern, included in my London tour guide here) holding some of the world's most famous master pieces. If you happen to be around Knightsbridge (where Harrods is), you'll find yourself only a short 5 minute walk away from a little "island" of very interesting museums. Immediately next to one another you will find the V&A, which is all about fashion, style and design, the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum. There is something for every taste here and you'd be a fool not to visit at least one of them during your stay. I know that a lot of people find museums etc boring and can't be bothered with them during their precious holidays, however, I find it absolutely imperative to take advantage of a free cultural activity like this as it is a total privilege to see what these museums have on show!

Natural History Museum: Source
Science Museum: Source

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