22 Nov 2013


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I am obsessed with ballet flats. They are my go to shoe for anything, regardless of the occasion. They go with dresses, skirts, trousers, jeans; smart, casual, business, smart-casual, sporty and they are COMFORTABLE. Although I do acknowledge the value of a great heel (these classic Louboutin black leather ones are constantly on my wish list), only about 5% of my shoe cupboard is made up of heels and they hardly ever get worn. Regarding ballet flats, I usually have a wishlist rotation of about 10 different pairs and every now and then I splurge on one. I know that there are thousands of ballet flats for £5-£20 out there, but I have found that spending a little more is definitely worth it if you wear the shoes as often as I do. Currently I have my eye on the French Sole slippers as seen in # 3 - a more masculine take on the ballet flat.

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