5 Dec 2013

Stocking Fillers for Him

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After I published a post on stocking fillers for girls the other day, I thought I shouldn't leave out the boys as many of you will have to buy little presents here and there for fathers, brothers, boyfriends, grandpas or just a a friend of yours and you will need inspiration for those, too. I used to find it quite difficult to find something for my Dad and Grandpa, however, now with so many great little gadgets around, it is really not that tricky any more. Joe asked for a selection of suit accessories this and it was so much fun browsing several websites for the nicest cufflinks, handkerchiefs, tie clips, lapel pins and so forth. Because I cannot share what I bought for Joe, I picked another selection of 11 great gifts for guys to help you find something for your loved ones this Christmas.

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