24 Jan 2014

To Make List

Chocolate Babka // Almond & Blueberry Scones // Greek Yoghurt & Berry Cheesecake
Lemon & Poppy Seed Pancakes // Salted Caramel & Pistachio Brownies
Raspberry & White Chocolate Swirls // Salted Caramel Cupcakes // Cranberry & Lemon Squares
We all have our little (or big) to do lists, don't we? I certainly always keep a couple on the go if not more and not only do they make me feel calmer because I know I won't forget anything, they also give me a great feeling of achievement once I can cross something off the lists. Anyway, I have a Sunday baking date with a couple of friends and was wondering what I should make on that day. Since I am constantly collecting images of food that I might like on Pinterest but hardly ever actually get around to making any of them myself, I have now created a "to make list" with all the recipes I definitely want to try out. For my Sunday baking date I am probably going to pick the chocolate babka and the brownies.

23 Jan 2014

Sending Love

1 // 2 // 3 // 4
I love sending out cards to people, for their birthdays, Christmas and just generally to remind them I am still there and to check how they are. Not long now and it will be Valentine's Day again and although this day has become totally commercialized, I do love picking a sweet card for Joe every year. Recently I have been browsing the Sugar Paper LA and Rifle Paper Co websites a lot and just LOVE what they do. The 4 above Valentine's cards are simply perfect and I wish shipping from the US wasn't always such hassle (good for my purse though).

22 Jan 2014

Out With The Old

Rifle Paper iPhone 5 // Orla Kiely iPhone 4 - 5 // Marimekko 4 - 5 // Marimekko 4 - 5 // Cath Kidston 4 - 5
Ever since the iPhone 5 launched last year, it has become gradually harder to find nice cases for the iPhone 4 and particularly now that the 5s has launched, iPhone 4 / 4s cases have become a rarity. Most stores have either run out or are just selling sad left overs. 
I recently decided to replace my chipped Marc Jacobs case with a new one and started my search on the Anthropologie website where I found that lovely London case above. Sadly it is only available for the 5 so I had to move on. On the John Lewis website I got lucky and found quite a few cases on sale, both for the 4 and the 5. Eventually I picked the yellow and black dotted one above and received it within a day. The texture is great - kind of a matte finish with really good grip - and I love that it's not too crazy and yet very stylish.

21 Jan 2014

Wish List 2014

Every year I sort of automatically create a little wishlist of all my favourite things; some pieces may be new, others will already have been on a previous version of this list. And every year again, I hope that I may be able to afford a few of those pieces or get lucky on my birthday or Christmas. This year Joe and I will be travelling to New York (followed by a friend's wedding in Boston and a hen do in Barcelona) and this obviously limits the budget for my wishlist. However, that certainly doesn't stop me from dreaming.

Wardrobe: Ballet Flats / Dress
Beauty: Clarisonic / ANR

20 Jan 2014

Light Up

Photo source.
I love it when I find images while browsing the web which make me smile. This design studio in Madrid and their clever way of painting their front of house is absolutely wonderful and I hope I will walk past this one day and smile again. For more images just like this have a look on my ALL AROUND THE WORLD board on Pinterest.

17 Jan 2014

Eggy Bread with Apples

Last weekend I watched Gordon Ramsey make this eggy bread with apples on TV and needed to try it out myself. I love a sweet breakfast every now and then (also check out my apple or blueberry pancakes) and a fruity French Toast with a bit of golden syrup or honey drizzled over it leaves nothing to wish for. It is so easy to make, doesn't take any fancy ingredients and makes one awesome breakfast / brunch. 

16 Jan 2014

Winter Layers

Sources on my Pinterest STYLE board.
It's been an extremely mild winter until now and simply layering a shirt with a wool jumper or a lighter winter coat with a blazer are both great options to dress slightly less heavily and still stay warm. Even wearing ballerinas or loafers is still ok (at least when it's not raining). The six looks above are all composed of some very basic wardrobe staples - except for the leopard print coat perhaps - and can very easily be adapted by anyone; particularly look #2 and #3 reminds me of my denim shirt which I really don't wear often enough.

15 Jan 2014

Get Your Socks On

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6
Particularly during the winter I wear a lot of black, burgundy and grey and my outfits can look a little bit boring perhaps. Adding little details and accessories here and there makes a huge difference to the whole look. Recently I have started wearing fancy socks a lot and made them peek out of shoes to show off to everyone. I find they are a great and easy way to add some fun to any boring winter outfit. Above are a few of my favourite socks, none of which will break the bank.

14 Jan 2014

Home Office

Photo here.
Now that the new year has started it is time to start working on that home office. Currently it is mainly used as my walk-in wardrobe, general storage and occasional guest bedroom and it has become a little bit of an eyesore mainly due to all the crappy furniture inside. Recently Joe and I bought a really lovely chair (see here) which marked the beginning of the home office decorating mission but since then not much has happened. We now have to start picking colours, find a desk, book shelves and perhaps another lounge chair and a way to combine my wardrobe with the office element of the room. I can't wait to share further details with you soon.

13 Jan 2014

The Breakfast Club

One of my favourite brunch destinations in London is the Breakfast Club in Hoxton (there are a few other locations, too). Although the queues can be enormously long at times and they don't take bookings sadly, Joe and I have managed to go a few times when the Q wasn't too bad and in turn the breakfast has been delicious!! The first time we went Joe ordered a Bloody Mary and got a whole pint full of it. Luckily it was very good. The food portions are huge and the prices are totally acceptable considering the portions. If you do ever find yourself in London and in need of a great breakfast / brunch I urge you to try out this place and I'll have my fingers crossed the Q isn't too long that day.

6 Jan 2014

Happy New Year!

Now that the holidays are definitely over and work is going to be full on again (last Thu / Fri were still relatively quiet), I have done a little Instagram recap of a wonderful December in London and 2 amazing weeks off work, spent with my family, friends and Joe. Although 2013 had loads of great moments, there have been a few very sad times as well and I do hope that 2014 will generally be a happier and more positive year! Happy New Year 2014 everyone!

3 Jan 2014

Coffee Mornings

Ever since Joe and I got our Gaggia coffee machine, we have been having cappuccinos and lattes regularly every Saturday and Sunday morning. It makes such a big difference to my mood throughout the day to have a freshly brewed coffee in the morning. In the summer I usually stored some of the brewed coffee in the fridge to mix it with either ice cubes or vanilla ice cream for perfectly refreshing summer drinks. At first we had the Gaggia Cubika coffee machine, however, it broke after a couple of weeks and we changed it for the Classic and not only has the quality of the brew improved with the new machine, it has also worked loads more smoothly. Below are a few very useful and beautifully designed products to help make the whole coffee experience even better.

2 Jan 2014

January Desktop Calendar

Oana Befort
I hope you had a great start into the New Year. Unfortunately I had to return back to work this morning and am now feeling a little bit tired and just want to go back home and back to bed. The first thing I did though was upgrade my desktop calendar and I have put together a lovely little selection of the best I could find. Hopefully you'll find one for you own computer screen, too, to make the work start in the New Year a little more bearable.

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