3 Jan 2014

Coffee Mornings

Ever since Joe and I got our Gaggia coffee machine, we have been having cappuccinos and lattes regularly every Saturday and Sunday morning. It makes such a big difference to my mood throughout the day to have a freshly brewed coffee in the morning. In the summer I usually stored some of the brewed coffee in the fridge to mix it with either ice cubes or vanilla ice cream for perfectly refreshing summer drinks. At first we had the Gaggia Cubika coffee machine, however, it broke after a couple of weeks and we changed it for the Classic and not only has the quality of the brew improved with the new machine, it has also worked loads more smoothly. Below are a few very useful and beautifully designed products to help make the whole coffee experience even better.


  1. Hello, I really enjoy reading your blog so I have nominated you for a liebster award! Check out my post on it to find out what it is about and the rules :-D http://lornaswishingwell.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/liebster-award.html

    1. I have no idea why my words were published so spaced out! haha x