24 Jan 2014

To Make List

Chocolate Babka // Almond & Blueberry Scones // Greek Yoghurt & Berry Cheesecake
Lemon & Poppy Seed Pancakes // Salted Caramel & Pistachio Brownies
Raspberry & White Chocolate Swirls // Salted Caramel Cupcakes // Cranberry & Lemon Squares
We all have our little (or big) to do lists, don't we? I certainly always keep a couple on the go if not more and not only do they make me feel calmer because I know I won't forget anything, they also give me a great feeling of achievement once I can cross something off the lists. Anyway, I have a Sunday baking date with a couple of friends and was wondering what I should make on that day. Since I am constantly collecting images of food that I might like on Pinterest but hardly ever actually get around to making any of them myself, I have now created a "to make list" with all the recipes I definitely want to try out. For my Sunday baking date I am probably going to pick the chocolate babka and the brownies.

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