15 Apr 2014

City Bags

1 Topshop £30 // 2 Asos £38 // 3 Next £28 // 4 Zara 69.99 // 5 Accessorize £29 // 6 Next £28
When you go on holiday somewhere and know that there'll be quite a lot of sightseeing on the itinerary, you should always plan to pack a bag which will hold all of the crap you're going to carry around (travel guide, camera, bottle of water, sunscreen etc), which will leave you hands free in case you need to get more involved but which will maintain a certain level of style with a variety of outfits. Luckily there are hundreds of pretty rucksacks around at the moment and SS14 has seen a huge revival of the duffle / bucket bag so there's plenty of those to choose from as well. If you are on a bit of a budget (because you are obviously saving up for your holiday spending allowance) the above 6 will offer excellent choices in a variety of great colourways.

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