29 Apr 2014

Colour Combinations

Sources here.
When we first moved into our house everything was white, leaving us with the opportunity to decorate every single room exactly how we wanted it. For our living room we chose turquoise, dark grey and bronze as the 3 main colours, for the bedroom we decided on a muted red and a mushroom tone (see here and here). While the kitchen, hallway and second bedroom are currently still plain white, the latter is scheduled to receive a make over soon. We've started looking at desks and armchairs (it's going to be our "office") but we haven't really talked about colours yet. I've been browsing Pinterest for inspiration and really loved the above 4: Dark Grey & Blush Pink; Deep Teal & Canary Yellow; Misty Blue & Beige with accents of Pink and Yellow; Blush Pink & Gold with accent of Black & White.

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