17 Apr 2014

Easigrass™ Balcony

Last weekend we finally got started upgrading our balcony. For the last 2 years it was nothing but a grey metal grid with railings - boring and even scary for some (you could look down a dozen stories) - and we've not really been using the space at all. Joe first suggested to lay grass on the balcony about half a year ago and after some research he came across Easigrass™. After inspecting the samples at John Lewis, we decided to go with the Easi-Chelsea Super Soft as it was by far the softest and looked great (after all it "was awarded a GOLD MEDAL due to its realistic properties and amazing feel" at the Chelsea Flower Show). It took us about half the day to install everything but the results are great! Suddenly the balcony feels like an additional room, you can walk and lie down on it comfortably and when the sun shines it even warms up.

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