25 Apr 2014

Summer Essentials: Shorts

1 Floral £26 // 2 Laced £55 // 3 Neon £32 // 4 Patterned £15
In an attempt to motivate myself into doing some exercise (I am ashamed to say I haven't done anything in over a year), I bought a couple of shorts to wear this summer. There are so many pretty patterned, laced and brightly coloured pieces out there right now that it would be a shame not to get any. Personally I decided to buy the H&M ones from #4 and "splurge" on the Mink Pink scalloped ones from #2 but I also love the floral Zara shorts and the bright yellow Oasis ones (on my legs I reckon I could even pull off a yellow although it usually makes me look very ill).


  1. ohh, how pretty! so exciting. i really love number two and number four!! can't wait for summer!

    also, this is my first visit to your blog and it's lovely! :)