8 Apr 2014

Toms for Spring

Bright Yellow // Zig Zag // Poppies // Florals
Sorry I haven't been around in ages, work has been so busy and instead of having the energy to blog in the evenings or on weekends, I have just been relaxing on the sofa and enjoyed TV time. Plus, I helped Joe set up a blog with a friend (check it out here) so that's kept me busy for a while as well. But now that the sun has come out, the temperatures are rising and work has finally calmed down a little, I thought I should start again. 

As I mentioned, I will be travelling to NY this summer with Joe and a couple of friends and although I am all for nice, chic ballerinas and heels with my outfits, I have been looking for an alternative to wear during the day when we'll be walking around sightseeing most of the time. The above 4 pairs of TOMs are so pretty and in such lovely colours and patterns that I can easily see myself combining them with any of my outfits and because they are so comfortable, they are unlikely to give my blisters or foot aches. Now I just need to decide which ones are the best.

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