10 Jun 2015



A couple of weeks ago, Joe and I went for a short break to Copenhagen - mainly just to clear our heads and get out of London for a bit and it totally did the trick. We didn't really plan ahead as the city seemed relatively small with few sights. Upon arrival we picked our top spots (TivoliDesign MuseumChristianiaLittle Mermaid, Designer Zoo,  Normann Copenhagen, Christiansborgand wandered around town for the rest of the time. The best discovery was probably the little port of Nyhavn with all its little caf├ęs along the side. 

We had restaurant bookings for two of the nights; one at a modern New Nordic restaurant called Radio and another at a hip Danish place called Madklubben followed by cocktails at Lidkoeb. Although entirely different, we had a great time at both food places and I can absolutely recommend them.


1 Lego model of Nyhavn // 2 Little Mermaid // 3+4 Tivoli

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